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The Top 50 Cleaning Blog Topics You Can Steal

As you probably already know, writing blogs related to topics in your industry is a fantastic way to bring in new leads. However, sometimes we run out of ideas and need some inspiration. To help guide you in the right direction, here are the top 50 cleaning blog topics for you to use.

How-to-Guides for Cleaning Blog Topics

  1. The best cleaning process homeowners can use

Cleaning houses is a necessary part of life. A blog post talking about how to clean efficiently is likely to bring a huge amount of readers, providing a great way to then promote the services you’re offering. 

  1. How to find the best job in the cleaning industry

Need to hire some new cleaners? Write a post about what cleaners should look for when applying for jobs, and consider linking your website page that shows available positions within the company.

  1. How to start a cleaning business

Give back to the community by passing on the knowledge gained from starting your business. In return, you’re likely to see an increase in readers. 

  1. Cleaning a bathroom the right way

Draw from experience to provide useful information on how individuals can clean a bathroom correctly. You can then promote your services to the reader, which would be the quicker option for them to use.

  1. How to clean the kitchen flawlessly

A Kitchen is a hotbed for bacteria that can lead to people becoming ill. Writing a clear guide on how to clean a kitchen that covers everything will help you attract your audience.

  1. Keeping the living room tidy 

The lounge area typically becomes centre stage when guests come over. That’s why keeping it clean is vital to make a good impression. Many homeowners know this and will look for information that can help improve the cleaning process. 

  1. How to create a cleaning schedule

Alongside writing about how often rooms should be cleaned to make a timetable, consider creating a schedule template that readers can download and use.  

  1. How to clean a house efficiently

Cleaning a house can often be time-consuming. Talking about cleaning hacks that can reduce the amount of time spent tidying is likely to appeal to many readers.

  1. Keeping your office clean: what you need to know

This is one of the cleaning blog topics that should get some traction. Hopefully, it ends with a satisfied reader learning how best to clean an office or deciding to use your service instead.

  1. How to use cleaning terms properly

Every industry has terminology that isn’t widely known. Help to clear things up by covering the most popular terms so everyone is on the same page.

  1. How to use cleaning equipment properly

Now, this one can be multiple cleaning blog topics. From dusters to vacuums the possibilities are almost endless to talk about.

Listicles for Cleaning Blog Topics

  1. Fantastic sponges to use for cleaning

There are various sponge products on the market. Inform readers of the very best ones that will get the job done. 

  1. Frequently asked questions about our cleaning business

Customers will typically ask certain questions before opting to go ahead with your cleaning service. A good subject to cover would be listing all these questions and providing detailed answers. 

  1. The latest cleaning trends 

Do some research or use experience gained in the cleaning industry to help create this listicle. A combination of both would be the most ideal way to go about writing this topic. 

  1. Cleaning jokes to get you through the day

Adding some entertainment in the form of a listicle talking about jokes related to the cleaning industry is sure to bring in readers. Plus, you can always use some of them yourself!

  1. Spring cleaning checklist

A comprehensive list telling your audience about all the areas of a house that should be cleaned is a good way to attract more readers.

  1. Cleaning equipment you need to thoroughly clean your home

Spare no expense by informing readers about the cleaning tools you regularly use and how well they can improve the cleaning process. 

  1. Equipment you need to clean your office effectively

Similar to the other cleaning blog topic on homes, list the must-have items that are needed to clean, however, this time for an office.

  1. The top cleaning businesses

Do some research and find the best cleaning services people are raving about. Along the way, you may even improve your operation by listening to what competitors’ customers have to say.

  1. What you need to know about the cleaning industry

This is one of many great cleaning blog topics that can help individuals interested in becoming a cleaner. Make sure to go into great detail to ensure readers get useful information. 

  1. Common mistakes made when cleaning and how to avoid them

There are many cleaning approaches. To ensure readers are using the right ones, this is a good topic to cover.

  1. Average prices for cleaning services 

Make sure to carry out research to provide website visitors with accurate information. This is also a good time to promote your services, especially if they’re lower than the average.

  1. The benefits of using a cleaning service

This is your time to shine. Go into great detail about why someone should use a cleaning service, along with highlighting why your cleaning service is the best one out there.

  1. The checklist for keeping hallways tidy 

Help readers find ways to keep hallways look fresh. In return, you should see an increase in readers that find your advice useful. 

  1. The best ways to clean mould

Mold is a common problem for buildings. Listing all the ways that it can be removed is a good cleaning blog topic to write about.

  1. The top cleaning products to use when cleaning your house

With many cleaning items on the market, it can be hard to find the very best. This subject assists readers in the process of identifying what products they need.

  1. The top cleaning products to use when cleaning your office

Office cleaning supplies tend to be different as the products are larger. Therefore, a separate blog post discussing the greatest cleaning product that can be used in offices is a good idea.

  1. The checklist for keeping your home clean during the winter months 

New problems that require cleaning can arise during the winter for households. Alongside the other cleaning blog topics we’ve mentioned, this is a good one to tell readers about.

  1. The most effective microfibre cloths

Like other cleaning products, there are various microfibre cloths to choose from. Why not let your readers know about those that are top-tier?

  1. Different household stains and how to remove them

Accidents happen. It’s life. So, the next step is finding a solution. Whether it’s wine on the carpet or something else, listing the most common household stains and the best ways to remove them is likely to attract readers.

20 More Blog Ideas

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  8. Keeping kitchen floors clean
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  14. Tips that prevent children from gaining access to harmful cleaning products
  15. House of horrors: before and after it was cleaned 
  16. Why wiping door handles is so important
  17. Cleaning experts and their advice that shouldn’t be ignored
  18. How to stay motivated when cleaning
  19. Areas that are usually forgotten about when cleaning
  20. How to clean office electronics safely