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Jewelry Blog Ideas: 20 Suggestions To Attract Readers

We heard you’re in search of some jewelry blog ideas. Well, you’ve come to the right place! No matter if you’re starting a blog or looking to promote your jewelry brand, there are many topics to write about that are sure to attract viewers.

As you already know, the world of jewelry is really fascinating, from craftsmanship to the finished product and everything in between. 

So let’s dive into the ideas you can use.

10 Jewelry blog ideas to get you started

  1. How (insert type of jewelry) is made

Many people (us included) find learning about how certain pieces of jewelry are made really interesting. So this topic would be a great way to cover this. 

  1. The best necklaces for low-cut tops

Spread your knowledge and possibly your necklace collection to help readers find what they’re looking for when wearing this type of outfit. 

  1. How many rings is too many?

Break social norms by showing off those who play by their own rules. Ten rings per hand? Why not! Or if you can’t stand that idea, voice your opinion of the acceptable amount. 

  1. The world’s most expensive jewelry 

The cost of jewelry can change dramatically, with some of the most expensive items going for millions of dollars. It’s sure to bring in readers, and you can even break the topic down into multiple blogs for different types of jewelry.

  1. The best earrings to buy for your girlfriend

Help out confused partners by showing off the best earrings that are currently available. 

  1. The best studs to get for your boyfriend

Similar to the last one but with the roles reversed. It would be ideal to include studs that have different price ranges to accommodate readers’ budgets. 

  1. The top tips for looking after your jewelry 

After spending a pretty penny on all of your jewelry, you want to make sure it lasts. Help readers know the best-kept secrets that will keep their collection in prime condition for longer.

  1. What not to do when looking after necklaces 

You could list out all the common mistakes individuals make when keeping necklaces. This topic is sure to make you a trustworthy source for all things necklace-related. 

  1. How your jewelry (company/blog) started

Do you have an interesting story to share? If so, this subject would be great for you to add some personality to your brand. 

  1. New (insert jewelry type) additions to your store

Let existing customers know about the new exotic jewelry products that are now ready to be purchased.

jewelry blog ideas

Another ten blog ideas for jewelry to keep you going 

Did you get through those ten already? Wow! Here are another ten jewelry blog ideas then. Also, here’s a blog post on jewelry if you want to see one in action before you continue onwards. Oh, and one more thing, if your blogs aren’t getting the amount of views you hoped for, feel free to check out our affordable SEO services.

  1. The best gifts to give this Christmas

Christmas can be a stressful time for many of us. What gifts should I get? Will they like them? Well, help readers out by providing some suggestions that include your best jewelry items!

  1. How to create your own necklaces 

Spread creativity by telling readers about how they can go about creating their very own necklaces or other types of jewelry. Oh, and if you sell components that will help them, even better!

  1. Photography tips for jewelry

Help those reading your blog post find the best ways to show off their jewelry collection. You could also include pictures of your selection which may entice a few readers into making a purchase.

  1. Where to get the best gemstones?

The internet is a big place. Educate your readers about the best places they can find high-quality gemstones at reasonable prices. Hopefully, you’re one of those places! 

  1. Where to find exquisite jewelry when you’re on a budget 

Not every piece of jewelry needs to be expensive to look good. Talk about what to get when the budget is tight. 

  1. The history behind (insert jewelry brand)

Some brands have truly amazing stories. Share this with your readers to give them a glimpse into this interesting industry.

  1. The top deals of (insert year)

You can turn this one into many jewelry blog ideas for the various jewelry types. And if you have any deals currently going on, now is the time to let the world know.

  1. How to repair necklaces & bracelets

Jewelry tends to be quite delicate. When items break, the internet is a good source of information to help individuals repair what’s broken. Become a trustworthy source by helping these types of readers find ways to fix their jewelry. 

  1. What are celebrities currently wearing?

Let those reading your blog keep up-to-date with what the stars are wearing. It’s a known fact that celebrities inspire trends, so make sure that you and your readers aren’t left behind!

  1. New jewelry brands that have just launched 

New jewelry brands pop up all the time. Do some research and find the best ones that make headlines. You may even get some ideas to add to your product line.

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