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Case Studies

Come take a look at some of our extremely successful SEO campaigns

The Coffee Bros

The Ask

The team at The Coffee Bros came to us requiring help with SEO for their affiliate blog. They are now receiving high amounts of affiliate sales and ad revenue through organic traffic.

What We Did

To start, we performed an SEO website audit. We identified a bunch of opportunities that we later implemented. These enhancements included an internal linking strategy, improving robots.txt, improving site structure, adding schema, adding the site to a CDN and creating an XML sitemap.

Once all these aspects were taken care of, we started developing a keyword plan to drive traffic to the site. Using our data-driven approach, we created a solid strategy that was ready to be put into place.

Next, we used our on-page optimisation technique to help the newly created content (with the keywords) rank above the competition. This included finding the optimal word length, adding elements that were key to the topic, creating SEO-friendly meta titles and descriptions and more.

Finally, we used our extensive network to build The Coffee Bros backlink profile. This was implemented naturally over several months.

The Results

As you can see, when we started The Coffee Bros, they had no clicks and hardly any impressions. Today, they’re getting over 2k clicks and converting the traffic into conversions through affiliate sales. Plus, ad revenue continues to rise.

The Ask

Before Onsite came to us, they had already made great progress with their SEO strategy. However, they wanted to see what improvements could be done.

How We Helped

We got straight to work looking for keyword opportunities. We viewed competitors, looked at Onsite’s authority through our own internal ranking system and researched transactional keywords that would provide the greatest ROI.

After doing so, we then helped create topic ideas around the keywords identified. This helped to match search intent, allowing the content to rise above the rest.

The Results

The red arrow indicates when we started providing services to In a short period of time, their organic search traffic doubled. Since then, their traffic has dipped somewhat as they’ve focused on other marketing channels. However, leads continue to pour in for the company.